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Posted by on May 31, 2013 in Hardware News |

G-Cluster Console will be available from June 20

G-Cluster Console will be available from June 20

For some time, is revealing some details of your gaming in the with the same name , and from 4Gamers report that will be available from Thursday June 20 at a price of around U.S. $ 100.

G-Cluster is composed of a wireless gaming device, which connects to your TV or display via (but requires also be connected to a USB port, which used as power outlet), making it a gaming console Wireless Controller (Wireless GamePad F310), which enables you to enjoy a wide range of streamed from the cloud.

The G-Cluster Cloud (Cloud) consists of multi-GPU servers powered by AMD , which transmit the games and content to the G-Cluster via Wi-Fi (although the service has a cost of approximately U.S. $ 5 a month ).

The G-Cluster console also has a mini USB port, which allows connection to any Android device, allowing use as if it were a command.

G-Cluster Console will be available from June 20 image 2

The G-Cluster claim that although there is a delay of up to 170 milliseconds (depending on your internet plan, although they recommend that the connection is at least 3Mbps), users hardly perceive it. To prove reproduced the game Rocket Knight, which pike very fluent in the console:

G.Cluster initially be available in some countries in Asia and Europe, it is unknown when it will be available in other markets.

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