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Posted by on Sep 18, 2012 in Hardware News |

Gadgets shockproof and liquids

Gadgets shockproof and liquids

Several manufacturers of all kinds of electronic devices have product lines dedicated exclusively to providing strength and security, supporting units shock, dust, spills and more. The idea of this is delivered electronically to users who demand the most from your purchase, whether for use under extreme weather conditions, and to prevent data loss during accidents.

Let’s review some alternatives then aimed at the general consumer, that is, those things we can find in the market and are not intended for NASA inventions or suchlike. Consider, though, that the price of these products exceeds the average for other alternatives as enhanced security measures added cost.

Tablets and notebooks Toughbook

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Panasonic offers a line called competence, which includes notebooks, tablets , and laptops covnertibles between Handheld (handheld), which are basically a tablet with physical keyboard and a handle to take them. This line promises lower failure rates due to having gone through quality controls more stringent than, after having a process of developing new technologies, materials and manufacturing implementation of highly detailed finish.

Washable Keyboard K310

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Perhaps one of the artifacts that suffers most is the computer keyboard. Because this device is exposed to an intensive daily use, as the device has more contact with us for daily life. And the keyboard in life is food with dirt, grime from hands and a myriad of elements that get dirty and deteriorate their performance.

For this, the company introduced the Logitech keyboard fully submersible in water, shockproof and dustproof. It sells for $50 and was released very recently.

Hard Drives

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ioSafe is a company that offers this interesting hard drive solution on paper is absolutely resistant to everything. This is an external 1TB capacity, capable of supporting a weight of 2.2 tons over it without damage and withstand being fully submerged.

Our friends videotaped everything that holds this device , checking live all virtues ioSafe promises are true.

Mobile Phones

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Motorolo Defy, Xperia and Xperia Acro Go S, are just some of the latest mobile phones that have been released to general consumers, and are resistant to various abuses as water, dust and shock.

Are smartphones with large touch screen reinforced glass (Gorilla Glass) enduring bumps and scratches, along with having strengthened internal seals that prevent the passage of water to the internal circuitry. They are designed to withstand splashes and sometimes several minutes underwater.

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