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Posted by on May 29, 2012 in Entertainment, Featured, Gadgets |

Game consoles: From toys to media centers

Game consoles: From toys to media centers

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Sure remember the System (NES) or as many would say, the Nintendo square. Insurance also remember how our parents used to say “are you going to dry up the brain” or “play hard will leave you idiot” and “Video games are not going to leave anything good.” Even in the 80′s many came to think it would be a fad, another toy for children destined to be forgotten.

Not so, fortunately for millions of us the industry grew, technology evolved and now generates more revenue than Hollywood, but do you ever notice where video games were 20 years ago and where are they now?

The purpose of game has always been to entertain the family, although in the early generations as in the Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Master System or even the most Atari 2600 games were for one or two players and generally intended for children.

Technology 20 years ago was cheap, rugged and simple, had to be true for adults could accept it, to withstand the rough treatment of children and that both could access it immediately. As he improved, so made the consoles began to grow in importance not only within the but in society itself.

When it became so important? Are the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles in the first turn into an entertainment center? What will happen in the next generation?

Certainly both consoles were created with the idea of being in a room and all the household members could enjoy. With the coming of HD and internet penetration in households, Microsoft and bet to convert their products into entertainment centers where you could hear your music, viewing photos, watching HD movies, watch movies from your camcorder, etc. In fact at this time, the Xbox 360 is the most popular multimedia device in the U.S., installed in 70 million television sets in that country.

The first steps towards this idea started with the PlayStation (PSOne). In addition to playing your games could play music from CD in regular format, no MP3 and stuff, but I could do something else.

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Who gave the next step was Sega with its Dreamcast (DC). The console could play CDs, allowing you to surf the Internet with relative ease which was totally awesome in his day and, with some adjustments you could make illegal the same console reproduce video CD. Even in Mexico there was an initiative for the console was considered computer equipment and pay less tax.

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Sony took a more aggressive stance with the PlayStation 2 (PS2) console in addition to music and internet offering a DVD as a format for their games and was also used to see movies. It was thanks to this important function that Sony managed to sell over 150 million units around the world. If you had a PS2 console then you possessed a great many titles for all tastes and also you could see your movies as the big value added.

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The Xbox followed these steps providing exactly the same options plus innovative online service called Xbox Live. Although the console is not as successful as expected, the online service became an industry benchmark and now provides all kinds of services to its users.

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The Xbox 360 was the HD console primers, with the firm intention of becoming a family entertainment center. Not only can read DVD, can play other video formats in HD, you can connect to PC via Windows Media Center, has Wi-Fi capability, thanks to Xbox Live now has services like Netflix. But separate idea of selling the HD-DVD player was a mistake that allowed Sony to gain ground as an entertainment much more complete.

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Meanwhile the PS3, which came out a year apart had a very difficult start, but ultimately proved to be a family entertainment center more complete. Regardless of the games, the PS3 already had W-Fi and a Blu-Ray that was indeed the best option in the market, you had a new console and movie player that is constantly updated.

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Both consoles allow you to explore your wireless home network and browse the contents of computers you have, you can watch movies in both HD (but only the PS3 has Blu-Ray) and online services are very similar.

The future of consoles

In the future, we can expect are devices that connect to all, not only to your wireless network. The fight will be back between Microsoft and Sony, not Nintendo is to exclude competition (considering that it will launch this year WiiU ) but they are focused primarily on video games and even when they also offer Netflix, their consoles are not designed to interact with all your devices.

It is rumored that the next Xbox “720″ (Durango) rather than a console will be a great Kinect obviously work with Windows 8. Regardless of the graphic power of the system, the central idea is the connectivity between devices with Windows 8, as the PC, Nokia phones and tablets. It also says it plans to distribute all their content online to set aside the DVD technology, but of course, is just a rumor.

Sony for its part will focus on creating a console “powerful” with ability to connect to almost anything, favoring the PS Vita and Android devices. When I say powerful, I mean that is compatible with many audio and video formats and with different devices even if not of its own brand, and this apparently without leaving your current Move technology which they say will come integrated, well rumored that will support resolutions beyond 1080p, even to the 4000P.

In the end, whatever the configuration of the consoles, rest assured that they will occupy very important in your home, you are not alone in the enjoyment and will be compatible with most of the appliances in your home.

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