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Posted by on May 15, 2012 in Internet |

Game of Thrones is on track to be the most pirated in 2012, shame on HBO

Does anyone already seen so far run of the season in Game of Thrones? And how they got it? Most likely the answer is nearly unanimous, and that would only confirm the estimates of the firm Big Champagne: the second season of the popular HBO series is already one of the most pirated of the year since it opened just last April. In fact, discharges and would reach 25 million in total.

And because of all the owners themselves would, HBO.

The Forbes analysis indicates that Game of Thrones is a production particularly attractive to young male and close to technology, something that would make it even easier chapters are often downloaded from Pirate Bay and their substitutes. But that is not even close to being the main cause of the popularity of the series in the public and private trackers, but instead, HBO does not make things easier for people to see Game of Thrones.

John Robinson of Big Champagne says this is simply “the answer to the series is not available anywhere else.” And, at least in the U.S., you can not see or Netflix, Hulu, or the service they want, but only through the site and that HBO Go necessarily need a subscription to cable television.

In the end, it appears that the intent of exclusive HBO to his creation is being shot in the foot. Because the series has great potential among a range of audiences, but the obstacles to get to legally are so many, in the end most optĀ  for the healthiest: the download via Torrents. Then, when you leave the DVD edition or Blu-ray of the entire season probably will buy many of the same shape, but also some damage is done to HBO. And they themselves might try to avoid removing some restrictions.

The same Robinson closes with a sentence telling in “Creating this type of shortage is a dangerous game.” I at least could not agree more, and if we extrapolate the position of Game of Thrones a lot of similar products that are simply not properly distributed outside their country of origin (almost a majority of U.S. television productions ), then the edges of the situation are even greater.

Link: HBO’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ On Track To Be Crowned Most Pirated Show Of 2012 (Forbes)

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