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Posted by on Sep 18, 2012 in Gadgets |

Garbage containers are ‘smart’ in Holland

Garbage containers are 'smart' in Holland

Since we live Internet connected surrounded by technology in every activity of our lives, the Dutch authorities have decided to tap ‘tech’ to or bins to make them so smart they are able to identify the person who waste thrown at them.

As you read: The new containers have a identity card reader, so that only open if the person who is going to throw on them identification. Is the intention? To know the amount of waste generated by a person and collect the taxes based on that.

And in the interior, these smart cubes have a system that allows them to classify waste the person (after identification) casts them as reusable (they are free because they are recycled), the rest is paid according to their weight. Sounds fair: If you generate a lot of garbage, you pay more.

In my view it is an excellent solution for both controlling the cheats, like for everyone to pay the on the garbage that generates real, not based on calculations mysterious (we never know how to do) and where we ended Like those who live alone paying the neighbors next door who have 4 children, two dogs, a cat and a parrot …

However, rather than charges ‘fair’ I see, the Dutch authorities have begun installing smart containers to avoid these traps made by citizens to pay less tax on waste, throw garbage in the container from neighboring in since the charge is the amount you throw in your container. Come to steal the neighbor identifying itself to be more difficult, right?

Of course, this idea works in Holland by the order in which they manage their cities, but obviously not a valid response worldwide. For example, I see much more viable in a city like Madrid, where I live now, but I’m sure it would be impossible to implement (at least for now) in my native Caracas, where the absence of controls end up breaking containers, or directly is to disarm the steal and resell the parts … In your case, do you think you could apply in your city?

Link: Holland launches smart bins: they ask for ID and they charge according kilos of waste generated (the information)

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