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Posted by on Jun 14, 2013 in Entertainment |

George Lucas and Steven Spielberg predict an “implosion” of the technology Hollywood

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and participated in a panel at the University of Southern California in the United States, where they agreed that the film industry is heading towards a “massive implosion”, because there is not enough time in the day to a viewer can see all the films released in theaters. The films competing not only with other films, but with all the content and alternatives offered by the Internet.

According to Spielberg, what comes to the industry will be price changes for inputs according to the film’s popularity. “You’ll have to pay $ 25 for the next Iron Man, probably only have to pay $ 7 for Lincoln,” he said.

Lucas agreed as in this scenario, noting that the film may change to a model similar to the plays and Broadway musicals, where fewer films will be released and will remain in the film for a year, with more expensive inputs.

“There will be an implosion, where three or four, or maybe half a dozen films of megapresupuesto fall miserably to the ground, and that will change the paradigm,” said Spielberg. Lucas lamented that the high cost of marketing of the films and the need to be “for the masses”, ignoring niche audiences where television “has been much more adventurous”.

Both are reported to make a movie hits the theaters is becoming increasingly difficult – Spielberg said his Lincoln film goes almost straight to HBO instead of release in the – and highlighted the work of Netflix and online content options.

In recent years, films that do not find an audience in the cinema found its niche on the Internet, where marketing and digital sales are much less expensive, more easily reaching those interested in these types of films.

Lucas and Spielberg also talked about video games, stating that there are many differences with the film, but that does not mean that both worlds are connected. Spielberg even in a project with Microsoft to create a series on the Xbox 360 that is based on Halo , and is also involved in the movie Need for Speed ​​from Electronic Arts .

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