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Posted by on Jul 17, 2012 in Hardware |

German court dismisses Apple’s demand for design Motorola Xoom

German court dismisses Apple's demand for design Motorola Xoom

A little less than a year, and happy the victory obtained on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, went against and sued because according to them, Xoom design was too similar to the iPhone . The idea obviously was to get the Xoom stop sales in Europe.

However, I was wrong in his campaign as a court ruled that the Xoom does not violate any Apple patent for the design. Although, yes, Motorola does not sing victory fully, as the court also had a message for them to reject a counterclaim requesting considered “invalid” Apple has a patent on the design of IPAD.

Johanna Judge Brueckner-Hofmann said some of the characteristics of Xoom on the outside are more than sufficient to consider that this tablet has its own particular style and not exactly a clone of Apple. In any case, both companies will have to make a cash outlay, and also ordered that Apple will have to pay two thirds of the value of the legal mess, while the remaining will be borne by Motorola.

Of course, that the patents war will not stop with this little slip of Apple in their crusade.

Link: Motorola Xoom Tablet Does not infringe iPad, German Court Says (Fox Business)

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