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Posted by on Aug 24, 2012 in Entertainment |

German firm who pirated pornography betray

German firm who pirated pornography betray

(CC) Sandeep Thukral

On September 1 the German firm Urmann begin to release the names of those accused of illegally downloading pornographic videos from the Internet, protected under German law that allows plaintiffs to publish the names of those who are accused by their customers.

Initially they were going to give away only those who downloaded a lot of content (without determining how many gigabytes considered ‘long’), but decided, without elaborating, that would begin to make public all the names from a list of Copyright infringers who have sent them notices since 2006 to pay “just” a fine of U.S. $815 as compensation.

While in large organizations like the MPAA record or prefer to use the courts for ISPs to block sites with pirated content, many law firms have taken the path of sending direct messages offering offenders pay compensation before ending at courts.

Link: German ‘porn pirates’ to be named (BBC News)

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