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Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 in Economy |

German press wants Google to pay them for playing their owners

German press wants Google to pay them for playing their owners

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For years, the German publishers are requesting that they pay “related rights” or related to the use and publication of their articles online. After pressing, proposed a bill that would force search engines – like – pay to publish a headline and a paragraph of text accompanying a link corresponding to a content of a magazine or newspaper.

This means that Google could post the link only without any text, without having to pay, but that would leave the link without any context and people would seek no idea where they are sending.

“A law like this protects no one and hurts everyone – users, publishers, search engines and also to the German economy,” said Kay Oberbeck thereon , communications chief for northern Europe. He says Google derives about 100,000 clicks per minute editorial sites, “they can use for themselves,” he said.

The publishers claim that Google makes money by listing the content they produce, and should compensate for it. However, Google says that companies benefit by appearing on the search engine and that through AdSense even handed over USD $7,000 million to publishing companies in the world for this item.

What if Google removes them from the search results? Are people will come to read newspapers? Or just stop reading?

The bill is in its third draft, and actually has softened over the first proposed, which sought to implement a “copyright assistant”. This would force companies to pay the license fees for publishing their material used in your business. For example, if a worker reading a newspaper online in their jobs, the company should pay the publishers.

Of course companies disagreed and the project had to be changed, to the point that now only attacks on internet search engines.

Not the first time that such ideas proposed to support the Press through different means. Produce news online is not easy to finance, but it seems that this type of projects are the best solution.

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