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Posted by on Sep 20, 2012 in Internet |

Germany advised not to use Internet Explorer because of security

Germany advised not to use Internet Explorer because of security

Earlier this week acknowledged a issue in Explorer, which can be used for ‘cybercriminals’ to take control of infected PCs after visiting malicious Web sites. They said they were working to fix it as soon as possible, but to the the thing is very clear: Recommend to their citizens not to use Microsoft’s browser.

Thus, from the Federal German Government Office for Information Security (BSI German acronym) invite citizens to use alternative browsers Internet Explorer, to minimize the risks of a possible malicious attack: “A rapid spread code is anything to fear, “they said.

Microsoft has not commented on the recommendation of Germany, but it minimized the impact of the decision in a written statement, which says that “there has been a very limited number of attacks (…) the vast majority of users of is no have been affected

It has been known also that the company is working on a patch to remedy such failure and expected to be available in the next update estimated for October 9. Meanwhile, make a series of recommendations to prevent infection and thus ESET summary:

  1. Set in High security level for the Internet and Local Intranet in the browser to block ActiveX controls and Active Scripting.
  2. Configure Internet Explorer to prompt the user for permission before running Active Scripting sequences, which helps prevent intrusion warning but can affect the usability of the browser.
  3. Enabling the EMET (Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit) from Microsoft, which offers some features to prevent instrusión say in the system and does not affect the usability of web sites.

It is important that if you decide to download the EMET do it from the official website of Microsoft, to avoid unnecessary risks.

In my view it is responsible for Microsoft’s attitude to notify the security breach, as well as warning that makes Internet security agency of the German government, as it is their responsibility to look after the interests of its citizens in the Network

To all these, do you using Internet Explorer? If so, have you enabled some measure of special protection after this warning from Microsoft, or are thinking of temporarily changing browser?

The German government advises its citizens to avoid using Internet Explorer (Portaltic)
Warning: 0-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer (ESET)
Complement EMET on the Microsoft website

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