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Posted by on Jun 18, 2012 in Science |

Germany has the largest offshore wind farm in deep water in the world

Germany has the largest offshore wind farm in deep water in the world

cc @ Iberdrola

If you recently talked about the underwater turbines in Scottish waters, now comes the turn to other types of turbines that are anchored in German waters. The Spanish company Iberdrola will invest 1,600 million euros (USD $ 2.023 million) in project. What is it? In creating Germany’s largest in the world in deep water over 40 meters.

This park is expected to generate electricity to power 350,000 households annually to Germans.

Iberdrola will use the latest technology: Turbines with 150 meters high. A few meters away, the truth. The capacity of 400 megawatts (MW), providing each wind turbine installed 5 MW. I imagine that many turbines rising from the sea is breathtaking.

Where is it exactly? For 30 kilometers from the island of Rugen and located in an area of 32 square kilometers in the Baltic Sea.

First Steps: Perform technical studies of the location of the turbines and also anchored on the engineering and design Wikinger addition to obtaining the necessary permits. They have plans to start building in 2015 and started operations in 2016. Since the company considered that this project will gain experience for offshore wind farms like in other countries.

Initially, the company bought in 2010, all rights to build the wind farm. But the permits were to install floating wind turbines. However, considering the conditions of the Baltic and in technological development, felt were better than those of large wind turbines and that instead of floating, were anchored to the seabed.

Another project of this type which will begin immediately, will be in the UK. An offshore wind farm that will have a capacity of 389 MW, so it will be quite large. Have put into operation next year.

Still more? Well, yes. They have another ambitious long-term project, East Anglia, also in English waters, which have a capacity of 7,200 MW …. Believe it could begin construction in 2015 and provide electricity to nothing more and nothing less than 5 million households … almost nothing.

It is clear that the future offshore wind energy and some coastal landscapes will change …

Iberdrola starts development will be the largest offshore wind farm “off-shore” Germany’s largest (Institute of Engineering of Spain)

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