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Posted by on Jun 12, 2012 in Science |

Get Solar Energy in Space: A project more and more real

Get Solar Energy in Space: A project more and more real

cc @ ESA

Long ago the idea of getting energy from the sun in space is on the minds of scientists. Moreover, Japan has already expressed many years the desire to have a solar plant in space. And now a team from the (Scotland) presented the draft of a solar prototype they have called SAM (Self Inflating Adaptive Membrane .)

What would Sam? This prototype would consist of a lightweight structure that would provide tens of reflecting mirrors and sunlight concentrators. Size: The square of a package of 10 cm square at most.

Problem with that is this project: how to transmit that energy to ground. It seems that if they do through laser technology, for it was too powerful … could clip the wings of a plane!

So she keeps thinking about wireless transmission, it is not known how efficient it is, but at least it is possible 24 hours a day.

Another issue being considered in terms of objects of this type, is what it takes to orbit the satellite kilo … about 800,000 euros (about one million dollars). Then there is the issue of space debris and micrometeorites, which may end up with an investment of millions of dollars.

But why this interest is born in store and collect the sun’s energy directly into space? Question of effectiveness: There is no night, no winter, no clouds. Only all the time.

Objective of this technology in space: At first, this energy would be very useful to supply areas that are very difficult to access, such as military units or disaster areas, where every hour counts. They also think it would be a solution to provide power to the missions of the Rovers to Mars or the Moon.

Moreover, the need to get clean, inexhaustible energy is becoming more pressing. According to the (ESA), in 2020 Europe will need about 500 GW of energy and a produces about 1 GW.

In short: There are still many points to be resolved before such projects are realized, although there is a little more progress to be possible.

Link: Solar energy from space: A step closer to dream of inexhaustible energy source (Madri + d)

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