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Giant robots Pacific Rim

Giant robots Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim and Pacific Titans (released on Thursday 11) brought to the big screen with huge fighting who face giant monsters spectacular detail. This is a pattern we’ve seen appear in Japanese productions for decades, however, in the Western world robots the size of a human-controlled building ranging in has not been really popular.

We’re not talking about something like Transformers where trafficking with life that become cars, but machinery developed by humans – the wick – to fend off a threat – or kaiju (the most famous representative of this genus is Godzilla).

“I greatly influenced the anime, especially that of my youth, as Tetsujin 28 “, said the director Guillermo del Toro, who brought together designers to create anime know the Jaeger (Hunter in German), giant robots series. “We wanted to design these locks as something we have been thrilled when we were 10 or 12 years. I did not refer any other work of fiction in the design of Jaeger, did not want to be seen as another mecha or some anime or another film, I wanted them to be themselves, “says the director.

Construction giant

Giant robots Pacific Rim image 2

Del Toro has had enough experience with special effects in films such as Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy , but the scale to create giant robots in battle is much more massive. To realistically bring to the big screen, the process joined Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), the special effects company founded by George Lucas. Well mixed battle scenes created by computer 100% normal actors scenes recorded in the real world.

Initially, Del Toro did not want the film to be in 3D because of the size of the robots. “They are so big that, in 3D, just something you realize no matter how fast you move … By forcing 3D effects robots and monsters that are supposed to be great you miniaturize your prospect, making a human scale “explained the director Collider .

However, the director changed his mind a few months later, saying that “only a few scenes miniaturizarían” with 3D effect. Del Toro makes some requirements to study (Warner Bros) not to push too hard the 3D mode to keep the dimensions giants, and create some especially for 3D scenes. “What I can say? I changed my mind “, he said .

We leave you with a video about the creation of the Jaeger. Did you see Pacific Rim? What did you think?

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