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Posted by on Jul 6, 2012 in Hardware News |

Gigabyte launches motherboard with dual Thunderbolt

Gigabyte launches motherboard with dual Thunderbolt

Gigabyte, the cost to implement in your motherboard is no problem. And that is why we have not included one, but two ports in their models Z77X-UP5 GIGABYTE Z77X-TH and TH UP4, you can transfer data simultaneously at 10Gbps in each of the holes.

This allows, for example, chain to chain up to 12 external devices at the two ports, including PCIe and DisplayPort traffic, also allowing the use of up to three monitors using only the motherboard with integrated video output.

Besides that there is little novelty, but noted that the format of the plates is ATX Intel X79 chipset and use and Z77 Express. Pricing and availability information is not yet so attentive.

Link: GIGABYTE Motherboards Thunderbolt Reveals Dual Port (Hot Hardware)

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