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Posted by on Jun 9, 2013 in Hardware News |

Gigabyte reveals AMD FX-Series CPUs third generation # CTX2013

Gigabyte reveals AMD FX-Series CPUs third generation # CTX2013

During 2013, showed a new revision of your (rev maybe. 2.x) based on the chipset and supports the AMD FX-Series microprocessors first “Zambezi”, second “Vishera” and unreleased generation.

The new revision of the motherboard Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD7 visually looks identical to the previous review , and with the same characteristics (PCB 8 +2 phase VRM, four DDR3 memory slots, and seven ports PCIe 16X) and description.

The prancing of this revision is to support future AMD FX-Series microprocessors third generation microprocessors which were specifications that have an operating frequency up to 5 GHz (Turbo Mode) are so far unknown.

We can assume that these AMD FX-Series microprocessors third generation will be based on the new micro-architecture Piledriver + , used in the recent A-Series APU third generation “Richland”.

If realized our assumptions, these new AMD chips will be manufactured using the manufacturing process at TSMC, and thanks to the micro-architecture optimizations + will have to improve their consumption, perhaps offering base frequencies up to 4.4 or 4.5GHz, and up to 5.0GHz in Turbo mode.

Given the high operating frequency of the chip perhaps the most powerful model exceed 125W TDP, so it could be that AMD again we offer a product with a TDP of 140W as in the days of the Phenom X4 9950. Although clarify that for now everything is on assumptions.

confirms motherboard Gigabyte AM3 + FX series processors GHz ’5 ‘ (The Tech Reporti)
Gigabyte AMD FX-serien bekräftar med klockfrekvens 5GHz (SweeClockers)


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