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Posted by on Jun 7, 2012 in Software |

Give your augmented reality Layar printed publications Creator

Give your augmented reality Layar printed publications Creator

Layar Creator is a service to provide and interactivity to any printed material.

Whether it be books, comics, magazines, manuals, etc. any publication can be converted into an interactive publication. Just need a with Layar to read / see / interact with additional content.

The video below demonstrates how it works in three simple steps. First, you have to upload the files of the pages will become interactive. Second, it adds a button (custom or pre-loaded) that show actually increased the type of interaction that has the page (in the case exemplified, a link to Youtube). Third, give and ready to publish.

Any person having Layar application installed on your can see the contents superimposed on augmented reality and interact with it.

For details, visit the page Layar . Then, the video description of how it works:

Link: Layar Creator Sees an interactive future for print media via augmented reality (video) (Engadget)

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