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Posted by on May 25, 2012 in Hardware News |

GK110-based Geforce could be released next year

GK110-based Geforce could be released next year

A few days ago announced his future for the HPC segment K20 Tesla graphics core based on GK110 “Kepler’s 2 nd generation,” which will debut later this year. From The Tech Report tell us that Nvidia is considering the possibility of launching a card graphics core based on this.

Nvidia executives confirmed that they would consider launching a Geforce based on its core (with up to 2880 shader processors) only if it is necessary to counter any movement of rival AMD (GCN future with more computing units “shader processors “).

This would mean that depending on what AMD has prepared a hypothetical Geforce GK110 could make its appearance in 2012 in very limited quantities.

Link: A GK110-based GeForce? (The Tech Report)

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