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Posted by on Jul 1, 2013 in Hardware Articles |

GK208: The new low-end GPU NVIDIA

GK208: The new low-end GPU NVIDIA

Last month introduced its new GPUs GeForce GT 640 and GeForce GT 630 V2 V2 , its new GPUs based economic new graphics core also GK208, for now the only chip based on third-generation Kepler graphics from Nvidia.

The Kepler architecture evolution

The architecture Kepler original “GK10x Series” introduced many new features over the previous Kepler graphics architecture, one of the most celebrated their greater orientation towards games, increasing the number of integer processing units (ALUs or shader processors) but sacrificing intensive in accelerated applications (FP64).

Original Kepler architecture has undergone two upgrades aimed at offering more features and higher performance in the weaknesses of the original Kepler (also known as first-generation Kepler).

Among the changes and improvements made by Kepler developments include:

Second-generation Kepler “GK11x Series”

Nvidia added the ability to execute instructions FP16 merged and doubled the circuitry necessary to execute integer swaps, improvements to the GPU with a yield between 100-200% (in the best case) than Kepler’s first GPU-accelerated applications.

Thanks to its improvements, GPUs architecture based Nvidia Kepler second generation specifications are compatible with Compute Capability 3.5 (Kepler first generation supports Compute Capability 3.0).

At the moment the only Nvidia graphics core based on second-generation Kepler GK110, which are core GPUs based Titan GTX and GeForce GTX 780 .

Third-generation Kepler “GK20x Series”

Includes all the improvements in second-generation Kepler, which are joined by hardware to support Microsoft DirectX 11.1 API, officially launched in October last year with the operating system Microsoft Windows 8.

For now the only graphics core graphics architecture based on third-generation Kepler GK208, nucleus in which are based the GeForce and GeForce V2.


Oriented graphics core low end why Nvidia has tried to reduce it to a minimum in many ways as you can see in their specifications:

  • Supports DirectX 11.1 API.
  • 1.27 billion transistors.
  • Shader processors 384 arranged in two SMX (192 shaders each), which form a GPC.
  • 2 tessellation engines (Polymorph Engines 2.0).
  • 32 texture units “TMUs” (16 per SMX).
  • 8 units rendering “ROPs” (4 for each memory controller).
  • DDR3/GDDR5 memory controller 64 bits (2 memory controllers 32-bit dual channel).
  • Controller PCI Express (PCIe) 2.0 with 8 lines (PCIe 2.0 8X).

GK208: The new low-end GPU NVIDIA image 2

Although in terms of specifications, GK107 seems somewhat lower, but it compensates with higher operating frequencies, higher performance in GPU accelerated computing, less consumption and full compatibility with hardware acceleration features incorporating the DirectX 11.1 API .

The GeForce GT 640 and GeForce GT 630 V2 V2

The first GPUs based on the graphics core GK208 GPUs are new Nvidia GeForce GT 640 and GeForce GT 630 V2 V2, GPUs that replace their predecessors (same trade name “without V2″) based on the old GK107 Kepler graphics cores (GeForce GT 640) and Fermi GF108 (GeForce GT 630 or GeForce GT 440 renamed).

These two new GPUs from Nvidia but are aimed at the low-end, offer a number of features not present in any of its previous generations older brothers.

We have developed a table gathering your specifications:

GK208: The new low-end GPU NVIDIA image 3

Here are some benchmarks made these new GPUs:

GK208: The new low-end GPU NVIDIA image 4


Nvidia finally adopts the Microsoft DirectX 11.1 API, but curiously only for low-end, it is currently unknown if plans to launch other graphics cores based on their third-generation Kepler architecture besides GK208.

It is presumed that this decision, as in the case of GT21x GPUs (GeForce 300, 240, 230 220, 210 Series) graphics architecture based Tesla generation certification responds to issues for the upcoming Microsoft Windows operating system 8.1, which debuts the new API DirectX 11.2 , which has several functions API backwards compatible with DirectX 11.1 hardware.

So far the Kepler graphics architecture Third Generation has performed wonderfully well in the test, getting outperform their predecessors based on Kepler and Fermi first generation, despite using a memory bus of only 64 bits and have half texture units and rendering.

These new GPUs chips become more attractive entry-level price and specifications, which is good news for users of low-end products, and will be even more for users of notebooks and ultrabooks, it is also expected GeForce 700M Series GPUs based on GK208.

Link: GK208コア版GeForce GT 640 & 630 (4Gamer)


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