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Posted by on Jul 16, 2013 in Gadgets |

GlassUp, a viable alternative to Google Glass

GlassUp, a viable alternative to Google Glass

When Glass was announced many thought would realize the dream of becoming a T-800 . After all show relevant information available to our eyes and be able to record anything that we had in front. The problem is we do not know for sure when the final version will be available to the consumer (or will be).

As that happens, more projects flourish in other countries and are positioned as an alternative to Google gadget. One is GlassUp, some augmented reality glasses that display information from your smartphone via Bluetooth. This project was initiated two years ago by Francesco Giartosio an Italian entrepreneur seeking access to all daily receiving messages (SMS, e-mails, social networks, etc.).

After reuniting with Gianluigi Tregnaghi development expert in optical systems for the Italian air force and Andrea Tellatin, the engineer responsible for developing the smart watch I’m Watch , decided to initiate the development of Glass Up with the idea of revolutionizing the field wearable technology.

is a system that works as a second screen and displays information that you receive on your phone, such as notifications, emails, text messages, Facebook updates and more. Unlike Google’s offer, GlassUp information is projected in front of your eyes, so you will not have to turn your head.

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The project has many advantages over Google Glass, the first of which is that it is a pair of that are available in multiple designs and graduation are able to use, so you will not have to install an extra lens if you have good vision. Other advantages are GlassUp battery time: 8 hours straight and 150 in sleep mode (stand by) and affordable price of $ 399.

According to Francesco, this project started before Google Glass, even some investors flouted when they are presented. After Google would surprise the world with his announcement , the Italian trio decided to continue working on GlassUp and they were sure they could offer a more accessible technology, a good price and in a relatively short time. The only detail is that this device does not have a camera to take pictures or video, at least not in its original version.

The company has a campaign on Indiegogo and the video shows things that I find interesting, such as tourist information sites are displaying, TripAdvisor reviews, recipes and more. The possibilities are endless and according to Francesco, many companies are already approaching to see how they can implement GlassUp information.

If you want to book one there are multiple options on Indiegogo and the early bird price is only $ 199. The release date is set for February 2014, although some may receive a development version (with bugs) in January. There is the possibility of choosing a camera version coming in March 2014.

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Link: GlassUp is not a copy of Google Glass … and Just Might be better (VentureBeat)

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