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Posted by on Aug 25, 2012 in Hardware News |

Global Foundries becomes the second largest foundry industry

Global Foundries becomes the second largest foundry industry

In late May of this year, Global Foundries independence from AMD , ATIC acquired thanks to all AMD still owned shares in Global Foundries. This caused that will focus squarely on making chips for various companies, and that AMD is fully dedicated to the design of chips.

The decision of independence from AMD Global Foundries has allowed all resources allocated to a closer relationship with their customers and win new contracts and/or higher orders in manufacturing.

According to IC Insights, Global Foundries stands as the second largest industry, thanks to a 18% increase in sales achieved by the largest number of contracts it has with various fabless companies (excluding own factories). This recent growth allows Global Foundries move to UMC, which is relegated to third place among the largest foundries (TSMC obviously has the 1st place).

Global Foundries also reached number 16 among the largest manufacturers in the industry, and estimates could snatch 15th place to Fujitsu’s bottom line this year.

Link: GloFo now second biggest foundry business (TechEye)

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