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Posted by on Jul 13, 2012 in Internet |

Gmail and Hotmail among the victims of attack on Yahoo

Gmail and Hotmail among the victims of attack on Yahoo

Yesterday we told you about Cony 453,000 Yahoo accounts would have been affected after an attack intended to make clear that flaws in the company. Now that Yahoo has confirmed to have suffered such a problem , let us see another side of it: Users of the service concerned, ie Yahoo Voice, which also have had problems with and accounts associated.

And it is clear: Not all users of using Yahoo email accounts but their own synchronized (either Hotmail or Gmail, for example) with this service to make calls … The result? Well, your email accounts Gmail and Hotmail have been violated.

Thus, as stated by Marcus Carey, a researcher at security company Rapid7, quoted by a blog of The New York Times, it was found that among the data is about 106,000 addresses from Gmail, Hotmail and 55,000 of about 25,000 service AOL email.

However, clear that this does not mean that these accounts have been seen attack: Only that between the filtered data are the email addresses of these services … Of course, if shared password, and other complicating the matter. So recommendation is that those affected by the leakage of data from Yahoo also change the Passwords of your other accounts associated.

Link: Yahoo Extends Beyond Breach Yahoo to Gmail, Hotmail, AOL Users (Bits)

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