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Posted by on Oct 3, 2012 in Internet |

Gmail can now search through the contents of an attachment

Gmail can now search through the contents of an attachment

One of the great virtues of the service, is the ability to Search content easily and quickly, between the words found in a message sent or received. However, until now it was not possible to include the contents of an attachment in the process, as indexation or content recognition was limited to e-mails.

But now has integrated the ability to index what is in those attachments, such as text documents or spreadsheets, allowing users to use the same box to search for keywords within these elements.

To make it work, we put the terms has: attachment and then write the keywords. For example, if we find a document entitled “thesis 2012″, but that is not its file name, type:

has: attachment theory 2012

And the result will be the email containing the document, even if it anywhere the says “thesis 2012″. To accomplish this, Google should index or add to your library search the contents of all our attachments, a process that is ongoing and may take several days, but is being done automatically right now. Therefore, it is possible that not everything in our mailbox search is available for now, but will be in a short term.

Link: Gmail can now search inside attachments (Neowin)

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