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Posted by on Jun 30, 2012 in Internet |

Gmail comes to 425 million users per month and overtake Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail

Gmail comes to 425 million users per month and overtake Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail

Under the I/O, Google revealed some interesting numbers from one of their services, namely, the well-known Gmail, which the company has already reached over 425 million active users per month, a figure that is less or numbers or significance.

And is that those 425 million would put him in the first global services, surpassing other giants like or The point here is conditional, because although they never mention anything about a potential first , the official numbers do not reach Hotmail Gmail. However, data released by research firm ComScore show that up to May was the third in competition with “only” 289 million users per month.

However, the trick is that the ComScore numbers only account for users to type “home and business” and leave out others as important today as being those who connect to Gmail from a smartphone or tablet. One need not look far to see that among mobile can add a significant millionaire and then could leave the numbers to complete the figure given by Google.

Probably since Android has a lot more people that goal rather than Gmail Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail. Still, the internal numbers given by companies can not always be the most reliable, must await the response from Hotmail or Yahoo! and so have more or less complete picture.

Link: Official Google Blog (via The Inquirer )

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