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Posted by on Sep 11, 2012 in Internet |

GoDaddy ruled yesterday that the fall was due to hacking

GoDaddy ruled yesterday that the fall was due to hacking

A hacker has claimed responsibility for the fall of GoDaddy yesterday, however, the company said today that the problem “was not caused by external influences” and that it was not a DDoS or a hack.

“We determined that the service failure was due to a number of internal events that corrupted the network data router tables. Once the problems were identified, take corrective action to restore service to our customers and “said interim CEO, Scott Wagner.

“At no time was at risk customer information, our systems were not compromised,” he said.

The crash was so severe that had to resort to their competence, VeriSign, to restore the domain service, also was shot down. Four hours after the start of the problem, GoDaddy administrators made changes in records, indicating that handed control of the servers from GoDaddy to VeriSign.

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