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Posted by on Aug 14, 2012 in Hardware News |

Goodbye FireStream: AMD FirePro W-Series unified professional lines/servers/supercomputers

Goodbye FireStream: AMD FirePro W-Series unified professional lines / servers / supercomputers

The FireStream 9370 and 9350 were launched two years ago the latest products launched under the brand FireStream, and this year speculated that AMD would update this product line with new models based on Core Graphics architecture Next (GCN), architecture in the which are based its Radeon HD 7000 Series GPUs and recent FirePro W-Series .

AMD today confirmed that there will continue to launch new products under the brand FireStream, segment whose claim is covered by your GPUs, GPUs that are intended for use in graphics applications for both workstations and servers and supercomputers that perform calculations accelerated computing (GPGPU) mass.

product line was born in 2006 as a product designed to offer a great power of parallel computing for servers and high performance computers (HPC), but AMD believes that the high degree of evolution of its architecture Core Graphics Next to the computer GPU accelerated FireStream makes a redundant product.

AMD claims that the only technically differentiated product lines of FireStream FirePro was the lack of display outputs of the latter, for what he says farewell to its FireStream product line, which is absorbed by the FirePro products division, AMD GPUs that reveals itself have begun to be used in building computing clusters (supercomputers with multiple nodes).

It is noteworthy that for several months he suspected that AMD would make this decision because I found it very strange that decided to provide support in their GPUs OpenACC FirePro , OpenACC is worth mentioning that the new API standard promoted by the major players in the development of supercomputers : The Portland Group (PGI), CRAY and CAPS, which is promoted by Nvidia itself as the Post-CUDA API . This made us suspect that AMD plans to expand the functionality of its FirePro, or that would end FireStream, and gave the latter.

FirePro becomes an all-terrain product that meets the needs of users of workstations and servers, increasing its value. On the other hand we know that their GPUs are also used in Radeon cost servers by small and medium enterprises which reflects the strong commitment to AMD GPU accelerated computing, and that in some ways this approach across its product line makes unnecessary the existence of products devoted solely to that purpose. Apparently AMD commitment to products that meet multiple purposes.

FireStream Goodbye! Rest in peace! RIP

Link: 永别了:AMD FireStream (mydrivers)

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