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Posted by on Jul 9, 2013 in Hardware News |

Goodbye Sandy Bridge: Intel Core CPUs discontinued 45 second-generation “Sandy Bridge-DT”

A few months ago its microprocessors Core i5-2550K, Core i5-2450P and Core i5-2380P “Sandy Bridge-DT” , to them today a total of 45 chips of the same family of second-generation “Sandy Bridge” .

Intel announced that the month of June this year, stopped making its microprocessors Core “Sandy Bridge-DT” for desktop socket LGA 1155, which measured the of microprocessors leaves made the manufacturing process to 32nm, to focus entirely on the production of its products manufactured 22nm (third-Core “Ivy Bridge”, fourth “Haswell” and yet unreleased Core fifth generation “Haswell +”).

Alongside the second generation Core microprocessors “Sandy Bridge-DT”, also discontinued the Intel Core i5-3450S “Ivy Bridge-DT”, joins microprocessor Core i5-3450 discontinued last month , and that could be a indicates that we have much time to others third-generation Core CPUs “Ivy Bridge-DT”.

Finally a moment of silence for the remembered and excellent second-generation Core “Sandy Bridge-DT”!

Link: Intel Stops Making Some of Its Best Core and Pentium LGA 1155 CPUs (Softpedia)


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