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Google accuses Microsoft and Nokia in patent war collusion

Google accuses Microsoft and Nokia in patent war collusion

European Commission

A formal complaint is that has filed against the to denounce what they say, is a collusion between and to annoy the smartphone market participants through a war.

According to the indictment, both targeted companies have transferred more than 1,200 to a Canadian organization called Mosaid, which would be nothing short of a “patent troll”, ie, an organization whose sole purpose is to sue companies for alleged infringement of patents.

Why so? Microsoft and Nokia to go free of dust and straw and not see its reputation tarnished. Of course, now is targeting Google to move lawsuits against mobile operating system Android, which according to the affected, brings consequences to equipment prices for end consumers.

We’ll see what comes of this complaint with the European Commission. For now, Google hopes more companies will join in their war against Mosaid, Nokia and Microsoft, as they have attacked well before Barnes & Noble and Apple.

Link: Google claims Microsoft, Nokia patent collusion (Electronista)

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