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Posted by on Jul 18, 2012 in Internet |

Google adds panoramas of Antarctica in Google Street View

Google adds panoramas of Antarctica in Google Street View

With have had the chance to visit places that never before have we come, with great detail and without leaving home. This new project in Antarctica, as well as join the important database of destinations offered by the tool will be part of the Wonders Worlds Project, an initiative that collects information on the history of the white continent.

began to be photographed by Google in 2010 and through the Google Cultural Institute, which was also in charge of digitizing the Dead Sea Scrolls and 3D models of Versailles among others, worked together with the Polar Geospatial Center The scientific basis of the University of Minnesota and the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust Organization to map all the land.

For reasons of geography Antarctic logical, classic Google vehicles equipped with cameras on its roof were not part of this work. To capture images and assemble the model 360 were used for human-powered systems, where an operator equipped with a walking Google tripod and a camera relaying the ground.

The added value of this project is that it was possible to mix the tourist or scientific exploration with the landmark, as many points surveyed belong to milestones in the exploration of the continent, as the first South Pole Telescope , the cottage of Ernest Shackleton (the first Explorer of the continent), the cabin of explorer Robert Falcon Scott and the Adelie penguin at Cape Royds , among other locations.

Images are available in Street View, or by dragging the yellow pin Street View, but also can be covered with the historical context that gives the Worlds Wonders project .

Link: Become Antarctic explorer with panoramic images (Google Spain)

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