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Posted by on Sep 28, 2012 in Internet |

Google AdSense on the site removes a writer to put your book for free on BitTorrent

Google AdSense on the site removes a writer to put your book for free on BitTorrent

Google has recently launched a campaign against piracy, which among other things pushed down to the sites that are reported as pirates in their search results, and eliminates some terms of his system and instant search autocomplete, as ” The Pirate Bay ” or “torrent”.

The latter term is the one that is causing problems for Cody Jackson, who published a free (” Start program in Python “) and made available to the world through different routes, one of them the torrent. Jackson gets a compensation of their work through donations from readers, and so you can get to your site via AdSense.

However, last week received an email from a bot, indicating that was disabled because it was detected that he was illegally distributing content. According to the mail, “the AdSense publishers are not permitted to place ads on sites involved in the distribution of copyrighted material. This includes host files to your site, or to deliver or derive link traffic to sites that contain copyrighted material. “

Jackson consulted with Google on the issue and explained that he is the author and editor of the book, and it is released under Creative Commons, and all copies to him in are completely legal and authorized. Google just sent a prefabricated response indicating that the site still violate the rules.

Without understanding the situation, Jackson finally removed the link to your files, but the files are kept circulating in this system. Then again wrote to Google indicating the removal of links, and received the exact same response robot.

The site has no links, but mentions Demonoid and The Pirate Bay (unbound) as places where you can get the book. The company has not explained why they keep blocking AdSense; apparently not a matter of logic, but simply block everything that has to do with torrents automatically.

As mentioned many times, is a protocol for distributing files, and not everything that goes there is piracy. Locks of this type automated may become highly hazardous for legal content in the network.

Link: Google’s Copyright Crackdown punishes Torrenting Author For His Own Book (Techdirt)

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