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Posted by on Jun 21, 2012 in Internet |

Google Analytics stopped in Cuba for U.S. economic blockade

Google Analytics stopped in Cuba for U.S. economic blockade

is a tool to analyze the traffic you receive a website, available in all countries where Google … except in Cuba. The country accused the company of “outrageous censorship” after the service stops working after a recent update.

The company said it decided to discontinue this service in Cuba, because the offer were violating the provisions of the trade embargo the United States against the regime in Havana, started in 1962.

“As a company, we comply with export controls and trade sanctions that limit us to offer certain services in certain countries. To enforce these laws, our terms have always prohibited the use of Analytics in sanctioned countries. Now there’s a technical block, “said the company told AFP.

Thus, all users who are in and try to access this service are directed to an error message: “We can not offer access to at this time. It has established a connection between your current IP address and a country sanctioned by the United States government. “

Other services were already limited internet access for the island, such as Google Toolbar, Google Code Search and Google Earth, among others. This lock list also extends to other countries such as Burma, Iran, Syria, Sudan and North Korea.

This criticism does not just affect individuals but also to media at hand be tied to this measure have launched a series of statements and publications against this new sanction that affects them.

The site Cubadebate also recalled that in 2010 they were censured his YouTube channel also by the economic blockade.

- Citing ‘sanctions, Google Analytics tool blocks in Cuba (AFP via Yahoo! News)
Outrageous censorship of Google to Cuba: media and bloggers on the island can not access statistics (Cubadebate)

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