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Posted by on Aug 8, 2012 in Companies |

Google and Oracle require disclosing names of their paid bloggers

Google and Oracle require disclosing names of their paid bloggers

District Judge William Alsup is demanding he hand over the names of persons who have written for money to or Google. This requirement arose during the trial that both companies claim on alleged violations of Android OS.

The judge explained that although the trial is ending, it still remains a bit of life and do not want the indiscretion of a comment, or text analysis to serve in the future may request an appeal of the judgment. Therefore, both companies must submit the names of bloggers later than August 17 so they probably lift a restriction and can not make any other comments on the trial.

This controversy seems to affect mainly Florian Mueller, a blogger very angry and has been covering this trial. Reciemente Mueller admitted that Oracle is paying for consulting services and obviously most of his notes have been in favor of Oracle.

Oracle has already lost the battle for the case of violation of APIs so now try to win at all costs. The order was issued in a district court in northern California is very clear, the names must be delivered and is likely to be Oracle who has a list of bloggers paid much larger than Gologle.

Link: Judge: Hey Oracle and Google – Turn Over The Names Of Your Paid Bloggers (Tech Crunch)

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