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Posted by on Jun 2, 2012 in Software |

Google announces event to showcase what’s new in Google Maps

Google announces event to showcase what's new in Google Maps

For Wednesday 6 June announced a to talk about Google Maps, which show a “behind the scenes” of the service, along with demonstrations of their latest technologies and give you a preview of the new features come in the future.

This move is shown as a way to revive the term of service and remind people how great they are, however, can be understood also as a response to the upcoming Apple WWDC 2012 from where it could be threatened Google’s reign in the category of digital maps against the imminent launch of a proprietary mapping application from Apple to use its popular mobile operating system 6, to be released on 11th June and we have already had some previews .

With years of experience, can deliver a service to match Google Maps? ¿Shall bring out of IOS-iPhone, iPad, the application of Google? Sub-next week we will know how he handles the item with a view to the future.

Link: Google Maps to hold event ahead of WWDC, Apple Hopes to make it sorry for dropping (Engadget)

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