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Posted by on Jun 28, 2012 in Internet, Software |

Google API+ added “History”, which will integrate content from other services to the profile

One of the joys of Facebook for many years has been the ability to integrate applications (such as fortune cookies or games), which among other things, they can post on your wall and let your log records in your profile so that others to see.

Now Google will integrate something similar through an called “History”, which will allow other like Foursquare and Twitter, to show certain things – dubbed “moments” – in the profile of a user’s Google+. The time is recorded privately, and you must choose whether to go public for friends to see. It can be an interesting tweet or check-in that you think is relevant, for example.

By the time the API only works for some applications, but a first step. It may help to re-enchant the users with Google+, which has not had much luck in the task of becoming popular. Through this system may swell a bit profiles that are new. The API is only available to developers at this time, as part of Google I/O.

Link: Google API + History will bring in your past updates from around the web (VentureBeat)

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