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Posted by on Jun 1, 2012 in Internet |

Google asks for new domain extensions:. Google,. Youtube. Docs and. Lol

Google asks for new domain extensions:. Google,. Youtube. Docs and. Lol

The Internet giant, , today asked the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers – for short English-enrollment for new among those found. google,. youtube. docs and. lol . All this for a procedure authorized in 2004, consider the possibility of creating new domain extensions oriented to the exploitation of the products of the big G.

According to a note published by Vinton Cerf, Google requested four types of extensions within these are those related to trademarks. google, those related to business lines. docs. They are also the extensions in relation to improving the user experience. Youtube where surfers could easily identify and channels, and. Lol for use in future projects that could have great commercial potential.

To see such request from Google, the minimum is to ask why? it turns out that want to improve the user experience of the website and use the possibility to expand the small family of generic top level and to facilitate access to various contents included in the network. It also aims to open the use of URL s shorter and more tailored to the content that Internet presents.

With this, Google also seeks to offer the user a degree of personalization, as would happen in the case of the channels in YouTube if you accept this request, the addresses of the channels remain in A much more direct and precise if we know where we go.

Moreover, Google has made this application does not mean you are going to say yes to the first, however the idea is interesting, especially if the navigation will be much more direct and simple with these new extensions .

Link: Google Applies for. Google,. Docs. YouTube and. LOL Top-Level Domains (TechCrunch)

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