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Google+ began offering corporate solutions for free

Google+ began offering corporate solutions for free

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Merging several services Plus application suite available for Gmail users seems to have produced a hit, and now also available some of the features of Google’s social network, for the world of business.

In line with the Gmail service, Google aims to provide a social experience in the corporate world, adapting their services to the corporate level. For this, there are several ongoing developments related to offer support for sharing and with high levels of security, to enterprise network managers can implement them.

Meetings through Hangouts with restricted and personalized invitations with Calendar and Docs integration (sorry, have you not seen this in Wave?), And even mailboxes target groups or sectors of the company from Gmail accounts.

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Amit Singh, vice president of Google said that this is the next step to consolidate Google in the Enterprise, where it is clear, the fight will be very uneven against giants like Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and SAP megasuites offering corporate solutions for many years.

The director of product management at Google, Bavor Clay announced that these solutions are already available in the next few days for some companies who will be able to test these tools by the end of 2013.

Only hope the announcement of the costs of these solutions will have corporate socialization and how competitors will take the initiative as Jive, Yammer or Salesforce to retain existing customers.

Link: Google Enters The Social Enterprise Public With Debut Of Google+ For Businesses, Free Through 2013 (TechCrunch)

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