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Posted by on May 15, 2012 in Internet |

Google Celebrates “Story of Send”

If for you to send emails is something substantial for daily life, do you ever questioned his operation and probably much less wonder what lies beyond the send button? Well today the giant Internet , Google , celebrates Story of Send (History of shipping) email, which through a new site us how our emails reach their destination.

Thus, after pressing the Send or Send, part of Google Green – the department charged with promoting a cleaner environment – it gives us some information about its policies to protect the environment in a video you can see at the end of post that shows part of this process.

Email, considered one of the most used Internet services, not only for having largely replaced the traditional mail service, is one of the most common forms of communication and popular there today. Why Google decided we explain its importance and what happens when we send you.

We may also access images and videos of stages in particular to find their way more detailed way. That for example one of these is the arrival of the mail data centers of the company, where we see an explanation and photographs that show the interior of each of these points.

Certainly, a site that you can not miss if you want to know how to send emails, most of its history, among others. Definitely, the day recommended.

Story of send
Follow an email’s Journey with story of send (Google via Slashgear )

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