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Posted by on Jul 18, 2012 in Internet |

Google could force France to censor ‘torrent’ of their searches

Google could force France to censor 'torrent' of their searches

(CC) busy.pochi

The French Supreme ruled last week that he could ask to censor the words ‘Torrent’, ‘Rapidshare’ and ‘Megaupload’ in their searches, arguing that the company indirectly facilitates piracy by not filtering those terms. The case is now sent to the Court of Appeals that the final decision.

The trade association of the Recording Industry of France, SNEP , 2010 began legal action against Google as a way to force the company to filter out certain terms in their searches, arguing that when a user entered the name of an artist, added Google suggestions of words like ‘torrent’ or ‘Rapidshare’, which for them is to facilitate piracy.

The case had already gone through two courts that Google was right to come before the Court Superma, which found that while Google may not be responsible for web sites that infringe copyright, it does have the responsibility to difficult for the public to find pirated content.

If the appeal does not benefit one would expect Google to be added many more terms to the list of words censored by search engine, and the worst full sites.

Link: Court May Order Google to Censor ‘Torrent,’ ‘RapidShare’ and ‘Megaupload’ (TorrentFreak)

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