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Posted by on Jun 17, 2013 in Internet |

Google creates tool to block online child pornography

Google creates tool to block online child pornography

(Cc) paraflyer / Flickr

is working on a system for Internet companies, agencies and other organizations to share information on images that have been reported as abusive, that these are removed in the whole network (or most of it).

For now, each company and group works separately to report these images and do not share information, so that when something is removed at point A, is again up at point B and remains in the network. Google’s plan simply creates a database open, where any group can easily contribute.

The plan comes shortly after British politicians put pressure on Google and other search engines to restingir more your filters to the topic. Google blocks and abusive content automatically using a pattern recognition system. To improve this, According to the Telegraph, Google would be establishing a fund of $ 2 million to help independent developers to create new tools to identify and eliminate network.

Link: Google builds new system to eradicate child porn images from the web (Telegraph)

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