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Posted by on May 16, 2012 in Internet |

Google Docs integrates new search bar in your office suite

In an attempt to personalize and enrich their service, Google Docs launched a new tool called ” Research Bar “and that is to look for content without having to leave the document so that any appointment, definition, or something we will be able perform within the document. It also grants the ability to add in a footnote the source of information.

Thus, the Bar-Research or Research-bar will show all results in the same bar, through which we can enrich and complement the text that we are working through referrals to teach us this. If interested you cite any website and want to include the link, just press the insert link button and go.

To access this new tool is only necessary to open a new document, and you’re old you can open a document through the Tools menu, or using the key combination Cmd + Opt + R for Mac or Ctrl + Alt + R for PCs . On the other hand, if we find the definition of a specific word, simply open the context menu (right click) the term in question and we will also accessing the Bar Research

Note that these changes will begin to implement gradually, so that within the next few days should have check this new feature that Google Docs brings to you.

Link: Google Docs sidebar Research looks up terms, adds images, quotes, and citations (The Verge)

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