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Posted by on May 26, 2012 in Internet |

Google erases 1.2 million monthly links piracy

Google erases 1.2 million monthly links piracy

In a new public account of transparency that did not perform 2 years ago, the company reported that more than 250,000 weekly receives requests weekly to remove content from your browser for infringement of copyrights, removing 1.2 million of these bonds each month.

In 2009 was the last time Google released all available information on its services worldwide, including requests from the governments to remove content. Now decided to extend this document with a new section of copyright.

This new document contends data from July of last year and will now be updated daily. Requests to remove these pirates has ido in increasing growth, so that Google is “normal” 250 000 receive such requests each week in addition to those received by this same topic 2 years ago.

In the month just past Google averaged over 1.2 million applications for the removal of search results to be made threw the name of more than one owners. Applications affecting at least 23 000 different websites.

Among the most demanding companies can be found linked to technology, entertainment and music, such as Lionsgate, Sony Music, Microsoft, Warner Music, Universal, among others. Within these domains staying engaged content of the material did not own, were popular sites like , or .

Also, the blog said that “fighting online is very important and we want to direct users to materials that violate copyright laws. Therefore, we have responded to requests for removal related copyrights that meet the standards set by U.S. law for the protection of copyright – the Digital Millennium Copyright Act – “.

Thus, the firm said it is dedicating significant resources to optimize this process of elimination, considering that on average last week the average time to remove these links was lower at 11 hours. Not to mention removing malicious applications and also receive erroneous and obstruct the process.

Some of these applications were also repeatedly unfounded as calling delete content in the search results for information that was unfavorable for a particular company or person. Given that Google said that “we try to detect these cases ourselves, but also notify the webmasters so they can make a counter if they believe that this application is not correct.”

Link: Transparency for copyright removals in search (Google Blog)

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