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Google finally reveals its paid bloggers

Google finally reveals his paid bloggers

(Cc) Matt McGee

After Judge William Alsup compel Google to reveal who paid him to write well of them at trial against Oracle, the company gave Mountain View a list of all persons who may have influenced the debate by receiving money from Google.

In its first report, said it did not pay anyone for coverage nor comment on the case. In this second report, the company insists that he has not been paid any “author, journalist, commentator or blogger”, however, it included a list of people who have commented on the case in two categories: as former employees Google, as people working in organizations that receive grants from Google.

Most is not really surprising revelations. One that stood out was Mark Lemley, a Stanford professor who according to Google is an “outside director” of the company in “unrelated cases”. Lemley is regularly cited as an expert to be a professor at Stanford, but rarely indicates a “counselor Google”.

Oracle revealed a similar list last week indicating that the blogger Florian Müller receives money from as a consultant, which could have influenced their reports on the trial.

It is still unclear why Judge Alsup looks with these revelations.

Google discloses paid bloggers and Journalists, says Stanford professor Mark Lemley is outside counsel (The Verge)
- Full list (PDF)

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