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Posted by on Jun 26, 2013 in Software |

Google Glass receives an app for color blind

Google Glass receives an app for color blind

The end of the technology should be always make life easier and when we see products even if they are beyond the reach of many, seem drawn from a world of science fiction as , just think of the possibilities you can have, you regain the enthusiasm for a world with gadgets that really improve your quality of life.

Not long ago there was the first operation in which a surgeon used a Google Glass with Hanghout so students could see step by step what he was doing, in real time and with comments from the surgeon himself. This class uses Google Glass, though far from most people, are applications that can help in many areas, especially because it gives a very accurate subjective view of what the surgeon is seeing.

But there are uses for mortals, apart from using Twitter, Google+ or Facebook to share photos and videos recorded from these glasses, Argentina’s Jonathan Martin has developed an application designed for people with color blindness . This genetic defect prevents people who suffer from it to see all the colors normally, though not a serious impediment, it can sometimes be a hassle.

With Glass Color Picker for Google users can run a predominant color display while you’re pointing the camera in the glasses. Color measurement seems to be done according to a particular point, but giving the basic information necessary for a can know the exact color of a garment or any object that point.

Color blindness is one of those curiosities genetic damage, they should not hinder the lives of people who suffer, but can cause some problems, especially in men, to be a defect of the X chromosome Glass does not yet have a price or release date fixed, is in its testing phase for developers and this application is another example of a practical use, interesting and solves a current problem, as it should be technology.

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