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Posted by on Jun 27, 2012 in Gadgets |

Google Google provides more details about Glass and announced his departure in 2013

Google Google provides more details about Glass and announced his departure in 2013

Event under the I/O 2012, the company also presented its new tablet Nexus 7 , its system for home streaming, Nexus Q, also elaborated on one of the projects it has taken longer to develop, ie Google Glass. And in an impromptu presentation of these glasses, a group of people released from Zeppelin to Moscone Center with his glasses on for transmission in real time.

Although in the case of a much smaller prototype to the initial, Google Glass, is a lens that integrates a small screen while a camera that will capture all those moments and images that we want to remember forever, whether through photographs later or even share videos through a hangout with Google +.

It also has a processor, touchpad, large memory, speakers, microphone and a set of sensors in the style of a compass to capture the location where we are. All this combined with an accelerometer, gyroscope and multiple radio to communicate better.

The project of these lenses have a gestation close to 2 years, so that information and we drove on rumors that he was dissipating as those of Google grew more presentations and showing examples of how technology works these futuristic glasses incorporate itself.

Thus, Google was initially created for us to interact with the virtual world, but without having to abstract away from the real world as a way to supplement our senses, not block us or disturb us with their technology.

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