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Posted by on Aug 9, 2012 in Economy |

Google helps to visualize the global arms trade on an interactive map

Google helps to visualize the global arms trade on an interactive map

The Institute for Peace Research in Oslo (PRIO) has analyzed it for decades, customs data worldwide for gathering information on the purchase and sale of small arms, light weapons and ammunition into the country’s legal circuit .

This information is available online in a while, but decided to cooperate with the PRIO and develop an interactive map using these statistics, so you can visualize modod much clearer what the market import and export of arms.

By clicking on each country can be accessed by lines extending to other countries, the type of weapon that is sold, the amount that does this operation and overall buying and selling that generates the country, so that we can see no major complexities, which countries are dominating the market world war, that if, unable to appreciate the enormous black market, both domestic and war, data that is not relieved in this map.

The map “Arms Trade” also offers the ability to discriminate between types of civilian firearms (handguns and sporting rifles, assault or civil) and military (guns and machine guns) in a historical line between 1992 and 2010.

Google close to Igarape Institute, an organization that helped build this map, provide details of the tool and an analysis of some of the most relevant data observed on the map.

Link: Google Helps visualize the overall arms trade in an interactive map (the verge)

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