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Posted by on Jun 8, 2013 in Internet |

Google insists that the U.S. government does not have access to your servers

Google insists that the U.S. government does not have access to your servers

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The issue of has given a lot over the last few days. And it could not be otherwise, because we could be facing that could be the biggest violation of personal on the Internet that a has deployed, and the dream of every seeker of conspiracies. This has forced companies put in the public eye to ensuring that statements do not participate in plan size.

Yesterday was Larry Page , and today – via Google+ – the head of the legal department of Google, David Drummond, came to put cold cloths to the controversy in which is involved the search once, and said the company did not give any consensual access to data to anyone without a court order to do so.

“We can not say this more clearly – the government has no access to servers – either directly or through a back door, or through a mailbox. We have not received orders from the type being discussed in the media. It is quite wrong to suggest otherwise. Provide user data to governments only in accordance with the law. Our legal team reviews each of the applications, and frequently denied when requests are too broad or not followed the correct processes to request it . And we have taken the lead in being as transparent as possible about requests that governments make us users about information, “said Drummond.

Later other executive staff of the company, Yonatan Zunger, came to reinforce these sayings ensuring that after the departure of the article that uncovered all this, was the first time in the company that was heard on the course program.

“I can tell you that the idea about anything involving PRISM going directly into our datacenters surprises me, because of the nature of my work at Google over the past decade would have been difficult – not impossible, but definitely a big surprise – if something like this could have been done without me to hear about it. And I can categorically say that nothing even close to mass surveillance of individuals by governments with our systems has gone through my plate, “he said Zunger.

The government said the PRISM program existed , but not necessarily to seek information from people right and left, it would only be led to collect data of foreigners.

No doubt this is a scandal that will make people think. And Google – among others – is one that manages information regarding each of our activities on the internet to shape our preferences and to better deliver targeted advertising that is more effective, which makes it even more sensitive than anything so can – indeed – be happening.

And yes, it sure is not the last public statement that a company makes about … And the issue keeps getting darker and darker still.


Yonatan Zunger (Google+)
David Drummond (Google+)

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