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Posted by on Jun 21, 2013 in Social Networks |

Google is preparing a new service called Google Mine

Google is preparing a new service called Google Mine

We all like to show off your new phone or any item of clothing that just bought, maybe that’s why is preparing a service for sharing our collection of objects with those contacts we have in Google+.

According to the description captured by the site Google Operating System :

Mine Google to share things with your friends and keep up with what they share. This allows you to control which of your circles of Google+ sharing an item as well as rate and review items, upload photos and share them on your Google+ page where your friends can see and comment.

The service would serve to catalog our belongings, making lists and review them. The latter could be useful because many times we are in doubt or not to purchase a product and ended up asking for advice from a friend who already has it.

It would also work to borrow objects that have your friends, create wish lists for recommendations or offer items you no longer want to see if you find any interested. Mine organize the content and create a series of recommendations of what others have.

Mine Google allows multiple actions for each product, such as insert a video, change the status (“looking for”, “giving it away”, “gifted”, “recovered”, etc..) And decide to whom or who is visible. Finally (and to not break the habit) Google also launched a version of Mine for Android.

Link: Google Mine (Google Operating System)

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