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Posted by on Jul 25, 2012 in Internet |

Google is progressing to resolve antitrust issues with the EU

Google is progressing to resolve antitrust issues with the EU

For a while that Google is in the sights of the European Commission for their alleged “anti-competitive practices” in believe that the guys from Mountain View have taken advantage of its in the market for Internet searches for profit from advertising.

I told you weeks ago that the European Commissioner for Competition, Joaquin Almunia, had given people within to correct a number of practices from Brussels as “abusive” by the search engine and that the very president of Google, Eric Schmidt had sent a letter to Almunia, which outlined a series of proposals to meet the requests of Europe , in order to avoid sanctions millions.

It now appears that the agreement is to come: From Brussels have said that there is a “good understanding” with mountain views in relation to their latest proposals (imagine that those raised in the letter to Schmidt) and they serve as a starting point for negotiations before the Commission takes a final decision on whether to accept, as policy spokesman said EU Competition Antoine Colombani:

“I can confirm that we have reached a good level of understanding with Google in relation to their proposals (…) Soon there will be discussions at the technical level. We hope this process will lead to remedies with respect to our concerns. “

Recall that the investigations of the in this respect take about two years, and contemplate various points among which are: That Google would give priority to their own ads and specialized services would copy original material from the websites of its competitors; and force customers to sign agreements “de facto exclusivity” in addition to that from Mountain View would impose restrictions on the portability of advertising campaigns related to online searches, since its platform to other platforms AdWords competitors.

A smart move of the Google guys to adapt its business model to European standards, as this will prevent more than a headache and save good money not paid in fines … Well worth your time is taken to rectify, do not you think?

Top of Google and Brussels agreement on the record of abuse of position (El Mundo)
Google responds to EU accept their demands to avoid millions in fines

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