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Posted by on Aug 16, 2012 in Social Networks |

Google launches a new way to stream music online through Hangout

Google launches a new way to stream music online through Hangout

soon became the stars of the social network Plus it has yet to convince the mass public. The versatility, simplicity and processing power of this tool, positioned in a short time as one of the pearls to consider the world of the big G.

Gradually, continues to add new features to its highly acclaimed platform hangouts. A few days ago had confirmed the arrival of service to Gmail announcement thinking that “Meetups” had already earned its place in the universe Foofle applications.

With the announcement of “Studio”, Google will seek to redefine the way audio is transmitted over the Internet, achieving, as promised, quality and fidelity never before heard in this type of streaming services, which currently only have big-budget mega artists.

The secret of “Studio” is a new codec capable of transmitting stereo audio at high speed without causing significant losses. As reported by Google, this service will be available as an option within the settings panel within a few days.

Meanwhile, we can enjoy a video posted as a sign of what is expected of “Studio”, where the group performed a test with the service off and on. The question that remains in the air is how the record companies receive another service that allows the artist to spread their music without making a profit on that space?

Link: Google + hangouts Stream Studio Mode Lets Musicians Concerts With Pristine Sound Quality (techcrunch)

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