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Posted by on Jun 21, 2012 in Internet |

Google launches site to protect more than 3,000 endangered languages ​​

Google launches site to protect more than 3,000 endangered languages

An inhabitant of the mountains of northeastern India and speaker of Koro, an endangered language that is spoken by less than 4 thousand people.

has begun an ambitious project called “Endangered Languages” to preserve thousands of and languages that are endangered for various reasons, decentralization of their communities, the death of the few native speakers who failed to transmit knowledge to their heirs or even re-education of these speakers to fit new social environments, because of the domination of their communities.

The charge of the project experts estimate there are about 7 thousand kinds of languages and languages that might have disappeared recently or in danger of extinction, and they already have records of 3054 of them to include this project. These professionals estimate that in 2100 only 50% speak languages that are still alive today.

The disappearance of a language not only involves the loss of the ability to know how they communicate some societies but also a loss of valuable cultural and scientific information, the professionals say that a damage comparable to the extinction of a kind.

Therefore, the project has a great arm open collaborative community for all Internet users and institutions can collaborate in the reconstruction of these languages with content contributions and stories.

The site functions as a kind of wiki language. It has sections for each language or language that includes clips of people talking and input data format for comment on the linguistics of the language. In addition, through a knowledge exchange section you can access tutorials to interview native speakers and get documentation relevant to their culture. In a second instance, the project aims to connect who speak these languages.

The “Endangered Languages” was started by Google in collaboration with hundreds of professionals around the world and hope that once it is on track each one of the objectives, can be transferred to the Council of of the Indigenous Peoples and the Institute of Information Technology Language and Eastern Michigan University.

Link: The Endangered Languages Project: Supporting language preservation-through technology and Collaboration (Official Google Blog)

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