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Posted by on Jul 1, 2013 in Gadgets |

Google now has a browser Glass

Google now has a browser Glass

Google is a product which still lacks several things before you can hit the market. One of the complaints from developers was in the lack of a web inside the goggles, limiting the user to do searches on Google and read the titles and brief summaries on the subject to search.

The company released an update for owners of one of the test units, adding the “see website”. You have to imagine how it will navigate a site for such a small screen size. Google explains that it can scroll by sliding your finger on the touchpad side, and you can zoom in on a content sliding two fingers forward or backward.

There is also an alternative to see the full site positioning two fingers on the touchpad and moving his head to see different parts of the web.

Google now has a browser Glass image 2

The update also adds improved support for hands-free use, and the option to read your messages and reply dictating text, answer the phone with a voice command, and the option to send photos to specific contacts with spoken instructions. On the other hand, the number of contacts is no longer a limit of 10 people, but it allows to incorporate all Gmail contacts.

Link: MOAR MOAR MOAR (Google)

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